2015 BC Conference General Meeting

The 2015 BC Conference General Meeting was hosted May 28-31, 2015 at the Whistler Conference Centre in Whistler, BC. The theme was "Leading from the Heart". Review the event agenda.

Live stream coverage 

Watch recorded event coverage. A live stream service with four camera angles was available for anyone with an Internet connection for the duration of the General Meeting. Recorded coverage is now available on the BC Conference YouTube channel.


About BC Conference

BC Conference is an administrative and service-delivery body of The United Church of Canada.

We provide staff, finances, advice, advocacy and programming resources to 10 presbyteries, 200+ congregations, hundreds of ministry personnel and numerous ministries in British Columbia including camps, social service agencies, housing and care facilities, chaplaincies, hospitals and educational centres.

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There is no word for apology

June 30, 2015
Keith Simmonds

This blog post was published by Victoria's Times Colonist online column, "Spiritually Speaking". 

Stan McKay is a wise and respected elder. A minister and former moderator of the United Church of Canada, he is rooted in the traditions of the Swampy Cree of Fisher River, Manitoba. I was fortunate to have him as a teacher during my formation in ministry and hold his teachings close to my heart.

Especially on days like these.

Days when I shudder under the enormous implications of being a white male protestant who has mined, milled and smelted much of the beauty of the earth. Who has been deeply engaged in the adversarial systems of political discourse that thinly veil our struggles to be the direct beneficiaries of the ongoing exploitation of planet and people.

Reconciliation Matters: TRC events in BC Conference

As part of Reconcilliation Matters, a series of events in Vancouver on May 31, 2015 to bear witness to Truth and Reconcillation, St. Andrew's-Wesley in Vancouver hosted an ecumenical Truth and Reconcillation service.

Read about the event and see photos in this article by Flyn Ritchie. Many other events took place in Vancouver day.

Read the United Church's statement regarding the Truth and Reconcillation Commission report.

Maverick Jack comes to Conference Archives

Blair Galston, May 11, 2015

Something really special happened at the Archives last month. I received an email from a family that is well-known in these parts—a family of one of the saints of our church: the Rev. Dr. Jack Shaver (1918–2001). They were wondering if the Archives would accept a donation of Jack’s records. Would we!

20-year volunteer retires: David Martyn

David Martyn, volunteer manager and technical support of the BC Conference website, is retiring.

For 20 years, David has helped Conference staff keep its constituents informed by building and supervising the Conference website, bc.united-church.ca. David is now a retired United Church minister, a former volunteer of the BC Conference Finance Committee and Home Missions Committee, and an avid golfer. He continues to volunteer his time building and maintaining other church-affiliated websites.

Over the last year, David has worked with Communications Director, Jocelyn Wagner, and web developer, Andrew Tuline, to hand over knowledge and management of the website. All website inquires can now be directed to communication [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca (subject: BC%20Conference%20website) (Jocelyn Wagner)

David began his work on the website when such technology was in its infancy and knowing HTML was a necessity. Through the decades he not only kept his knowledge of the technology fresh but continued to push the Conference to wholly embrace the web and computer technology.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank David for his service all these years and wish him both a joyful retirement and continuing satisfaction with keeping abreast of the latest and most promising computer innovations.

Naramata Board and CUPE reach resolution

On April 7, 2015, the following message was posted to the Naramata Centre website:

The Board of Directors of the Naramata Centre Society and CUPE, Local 608 (Naramata Centre Unit) have reached a mutually acceptable resolution to the ongoing labour dispute between the Centre and the Union. This resolution brings an end to the Strike Action and resolves outstanding issues relating to the closure of the Centre at Naramata.

We are grateful for the many years of faithful work given to the Centre by all employees and for the way in which this mutual agreement has been able to be reached. 

Pressure Point

The Bob Stewart Archives of BC Conference has launched a YouTube channel featuring select digitized episodes of the former television program, Pressure Point.

Rod Booth“They say God always opens a window when fate closes a door and in the mid-70s the window turned out to be Community Cable Television. Nobody thought it would go anywhere; but the indefatigable Lois Boyce [United Church of Canada BC Conference volunteer] was convinced otherwise. She started her (mainly anti-nuclear) cable show while the industry was in its absolute infancy – recruiting fellow students from a BCIT night school course to assist her with the modest production [including R. Wayne Carlow who continued on as the program’s production director throughout much of its duration]. It was to evolve into “Pressure Point,” one of the longest-running, volunteer-operated, community television shows in Canadian television history. It ran weekly for 26 years, ceasing production only in 2001, and some of those original volunteers stayed with it almost to the end.” 

-- Rod Booth, then United Church of Canada BC Conference Broadcasting Director, first host and producer of Pressure Point

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