2015 BC Conference General Meeting

The 2015 BC Conference General Meeting was hosted May 28-31, 2015 at the Whistler Conference Centre in Whistler, BC. The theme was "Leading from the Heart". Review the event agenda.

Read minutes from the 2015 General Meeting.

Live stream coverage 

Watch recorded event coverage. A live stream service with four camera angles was available for anyone with an Internet connection for the duration of the General Meeting. Recorded coverage is now available on the BC Conference YouTube channel.


Participant Evaluation Survey

Share your experience of the 2015 BC Conference General Meeting by completing this survey.

Listening Group Presentation

A "listening group" was formed to consolidate and report back issues voiced at the 2015 General Meeting regarding the reports and proposals from the Comprehensive Review Task Force. The group delivered this PowerPoint presentation to members of the 2015 General Meeting. Watch video coverage of the presentation (starting at 2:07). Congregations are encouraged to continue discussing the Comprehensive Review using the prepared PowerPoint presentation.

The Listening Group has also prepared a letter to General Council expressing concerns outlined in the PowerPoint presentation in advance of the 42nd General Council in Corner Brook, NL this August.


Reports & Agenda Book (PDF)

Consolidated Financial Statements, BC Conference (PDF)

Property Development Council Financial Statements (PDF)

Theme and Worship videos (Dropbox)



View photos of the General Meeting experience by Megan Verhey, Doug Goodwin, Bruce Holvik and Kimiko Karpoff.


















Election Results 

  • BC Conference President-Elect: Cari Copeman-Haynes. 
    Note: The President-Elect of BC Conference will serve a two-year term on the BC Conference Executive, followed by a one-year term as President, replacing current President Keith Simmonds.
  • General Council Commissioners: See lists below.
    Note: General Council Commissioners will attend the 42nd General Council meeting, being held August 8-15, 2015 in Corner Brook, NL. They will also be “on call” as Commissioners for the following three years. Read about the selection process (PDF).

    • Commissioners by virtue of office or policy value:
      Cari Copeman-Haynes, BC Conference President-Elect (Fraser)
      Graham Brownmiller, General Council Executive – Ordered Representative (Westminster)
      Jean Macdonald, General Council Executive – Lay Representative
      Maia Walker, Youth Pilgrim (Kamloops-Okanagan)
      Keith Simmonds, BC Conference President (Victoria)
      Debra Bowman, Nominee for Moderator (Vancouver South)
    • Commissioners by election
      Christine Boyle (Vancouver-Burrard)
      Cathy Cryder (Vancouver South)
      Kathie Davies (Fraser)
      Rebecca Fillier (Cariboo)
      Janet Gear (Vancouver-Burrard)
      Mark Green (Victoria)
      Robyn Green (Fraser)
      Jim Hannah (Kamloops-Okanagan)
      Kim Horwood (Kootenay)
      Kathy Johnson (Kamloops-Okanagan)
      R. G. Madziya (Comox-Nanaimo)
      Michelle Matson (Kootenay)
      Linda McLaren (Cariboo)
      Teri Meyer (Prince Rupert)
      Jay Olson (Westminster)
      Maggie Rogers (Prince Rupert)
      Michelle Slater (Victoria)
      Will Sparks (Fraser)
      Jim White (Prince Rupert)
    • Alternates
      Kaylyn Munro (Kamloops-Okanagan)
      Carol Martin (Victoria)
      Louise Cummings (Fraser)



Read this PDF for everything you need to know about proposals as a decision-making process for both BC Conference and General Council. Refer to the meeting minutes (coming soon) for pass/defeat results of each proposal. 

Proposals for General Council:

Proposals for BC Conference:
Please note: All proposals for BC Conference were processed by the BC Conference Executive on June 16, 2015. Minutes coming soon.

Questions & Concerns

  • Email: BC Conference
  • Phone: 1-800-934-0434 (toll free in BC) or (604) 431-0434


2014 General Meeting

Review minutes, proposals, Ed Searcy's sermon and live stream recordings on YouTube.