BC Conference Members serving in General Council Roles

Here is a list of the people around BC Conference who are participating in the work of General Council committees.

Aboriginal Ministries Council

Lawrence Sankey Chairperson
Marie Dickens Member
Lori Lewis Member
Herbert Russell Member


Archives & History Committee

R. Gerald Hobbs Member


Canadian Forces Chaplaincy Committee

Michelle A. Slater Member


Executive of the General Council

Jean Macdonald Member Conference Representative (Lay)
Lawrence Sankey Member Aboriginal Ministries
Graham Brownmiller Member Conference Representative (Ordained)
Gary J. Paterson Member Immediate Past Moderator


Financial Assistance Committee

Marion Carr Member


Aboriginal Ministries Consultation

Jean Macdonald Member


General Secretary Supervision Committee

Debra Bowman Member


Healing Fund Council

Brody Naknakim Member


Judicial Committee

Jon Jessiman Member – also on Executive
Stan Lanyon Member
Walter Rilkoff Member


Mission & Service Advisory Committee

Richard Bott Member


Nominations Committee

Graham Brownmiller Member


Observer – UCC Representatives

Keith Simmonds Member


Permanent Committee – Finance

Hugh Creighton Member
Randy Manikel Member
Elsie Manley-Casimir Member
Lawrence Sankey Member


Permanent Committee – Ministry and Employment Policies and Services

Eric Hamlyn Member
Jean Macdonald Member


Permanent Committee – Programs for Mission and Ministry

Michael Caveney Member
Richard Chung Member


Pension Board

Graham Brownmiller Member


Sub-Executive of the General Council

Graham Brownmiller Member
Gary J. Paterson Member


The Manual Committee

John Burton Chairperson


Theology and Inter-Church Inter-faith Committee

Carmen Lansdowne Member
Ryan Slifka Member
Brian Thorpe Member


UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Jean Macdonald Member
Brian Thorpe Member