Conference Directory

Each Fall the Conference publishes an annual Directory. This page will be updated quarterly.

White Pages Ministry Personnel and Committee Members (Updated March 2017)
Green Pages Pastoral Charges in Alphabetical Order (Updated March 2017)
Blue Pages Pastoral Charges by Location (Updated March 2017)
Purple Pages Pastoral Charges by Presbytery (Updated March 2017)
Grey Pages Conference Executive, Councils, & Other Contacts (Updated March 2017)
Orange Pages Sexual Abuse Policy & Consultants (Updated March 2017)
Yellow Pages Presbytery Officers & Contacts (Updated March 2017)
Pink Pages Specialized Ministries & Related Organizations (Updated March 2017)
Gold Pages Retired Ministry (Updated March 2017)
Back Cover Conference Staff (Updated March 2017)
Inside Cover General Council Staff (Updated March 2017)

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