Rising Hope: Event Highlights

On October 31 to November 2, 73 social justice activists from across British Columbia gathered at Chilliwack United Church.

What happened? Community art, storytelling and relationship building. Discussion about homelessness and poverty. A petition to BC Conference Executive to focus on climate change and fossil development. Plans for a future workshop to tackle structural issues on homelessness.

What's next? The BC Conference Justice Advisory Circle is now developing a communications network to share research, resource and campaigns across the Conference to build on the success of Rising Hope.

For more details, contact Marianna Harris or follow on Facebook.

"It was great to gather with others and fan the flame of justice in my heart." – Armand Houle, Summerland

"We all have our parts to play, which is not overwhelming, but very significant." – Natalie Topnik, St. Andrew’s, North Vancouver