Community Connections


News of interest to United Church people

Pacific Mountain Region distributes an weekly e-newsletter to keep United Church people informed and up to date with our church community called Community Connections. The Community Connections e-newsletter is organized to reflect the mission of the PMR. Each week you’ll hear what folks are up to in serving and building Healthy Congregations and Faith Ministries, discover offerings for deepening and inspired Effective Leadership, be called to on-the-ground Faithful Public Witness and education, receive invitations for spiritual rest and renewal, and spread the word of opportunity for employment and service within the Region, and with the National Church.

Community Connections Contents
1. Healthy Communities of Faith & Ministries
2. Effective Leadership
3. Faithful Public Witness
4. Retreats & Spiritual Nurture
5. Employment & Serving the Church

To make your own contribution to Community Connections, please follow the directions below.

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Contribute your news to Community Connections!

The Deadline for Community Connections Contributions is every Tuesday at 12 noon.

Email Submissions to:

Subject Line: Community Connections Submission

In the body of the email include:

  1. Your Name and Your Email
  2. Best-fit Category (Healthy Communities of Faith & Ministries. Effective Leadership. Faithful Public Witness. Retreats & Spiritual Renewal. Employment & Serving the Church.)
  3. Event* Date
  4. Event City 
  5. Event Leaders/Host/Facilitator
  6. Event Title (5 Words or less)
  7. Event Description (30 words or less) Include a compelling reason for the reader to click your links for more info.
  8. Website or Social Media Link to your listing

*or announcement, invitation, campaign, course, concert, etc.

Attach to your email:

  1. A picture that represents your event/announcement that’s not loaded with text
  2. PDF flyer or poster

Terms of Service

  • Submission deadline is every Tuesday at 12noon.
  • The above information must be received before your submission can be included in Community Connections.
  • The Pacific Mountain Region retains the right to edit all submissions for brevity and clarity, and to remove or not include submissions.
  • Events & Opportunities will be listed in Community Connections 30 days prior to event date.
  • Campaigns and Announcements will be listed immediately in Community Connections for two weeks, then removed. You may re-submit your Campaign and Announcements as many times as you like.