At the 43 General Meeting of the United Church of Canada, a decision was made to change the structure of the United Church of Canada, eliminating the court of presbytery. As of January 1, 2019, all presbyteries were dissolved. The following is historical information.

There were ten presbyteries within BC Conference. Each presbytery had its own responsibilities and powers. They allowed leaders in regional areas to meet together for fellowship and joint decision-making. Here were the presbyteries within BC of The United Church of Canada.

As the Pacific Mountain Regional Council lives into the transition from the Conference/Presbytery structure to the Regional Council structure, you will see reference to the former Presbyteries in our work.  As we develop fresh ways of articulating the emerging ministry clusters and a cluster structure within our larger Region, at times we draw on the former Presbytery networks by name. 

  • Cariboo
  • Comox-Nanaimo
  • Fraser
  • Kamloops-Okanagan
  • Kootenay
  • Prince Rupert
  • Vancouver-Burrard
  • Vancouver South
  • Victoria
  • Westminster