BC Conference Camps and Centres

BC Conference supports six camps and one training centre.

Although primarily geared toward children and youth, each of the camps has a wide variety of significant programming for people of all ages. The Centre at Naramata training centre focuses on youth, young adult and adult programming and services.

Conference Camps

BC Conference owns and provides major support for two camps: Camp Fircom (on Gambier Island) and Camp Pringle (Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island). Both camps provide four season programming and rental facilities with new dining, kitchen and accommodation complexes.

Camp Fircom, Gambier Island
George Pringle, Shawnigan Lake

Other Camps

Four other camps throughout the province are operated by local United Church groups: Camp Koolaree (Kootenay Lake), Rock Lake Camp (east Kootenays), Mackenzie Camp (Mabel Lake), and Camp Grafton (Shuswap lake).

Camp Grafton, Kamloops
, Kootenay Lake
MacKenzie Camp
, Mabel Lake
Rock Lake, East Kootenay

The Centre at Naramata

One of the earliest training centres for lay people in North America, the Centre at Naramata has been providing programming to support the mission and ministry of lay people for seventy years. The Centre occupies 23 acres on the shores of Okanagan Lake and has extensive facilities.

Naramata Centre, Naramata