Camp Fircom Rebounds

2014 was a challenging year for Camp Fircom. A lightening storm in early September 2013 destroyed the two-year old, $2-million dining hall in a devastating fire, sending staff and board members into a year of insurance claims and rebuilding – all while sustaining the needs of its campers, families, school groups, weddings and retreat guests.

But they did it! On May 2, 2015, Camp Fircom will officially open its new, functioning dining hall and celebrate even more relationships within the community including the David Suzuki Foundation and the Surrey School District.

Plus, with the recently sunk Annapolis (a former battle ship), Camp Fircom is now the premier site for BC’s newest artificial reefs. Campers this summer will have the delight of paddling over and seeing the ship underwater. A future dive camp? Maybe! The tenacity, adaptability and commitment of this camp bodes well for an exciting future serving both church and community.

BC Conference is pleased to be a partner in the growth of Camp Fircom and its continued commitment to spirituality, education, the environment, and health and wellness. Find out more about the camp and community social enterprise at