Holy Shift: Innovation and Our Story

What is the future of Church in the 21st century and how do we tell the story of our faith in this context? Held in Parksville on Oct 20-22, Holy Shift is a dynamic learning conference for congregation members, staff and clergy to share ideas, connect and dream about the unfolding of Spirit in their communities. Read More

Mission-focused Performance management with Susan Beaumont

At the heart of any faith community is mission, not tasks. Yet so often we aren’t sure how to tie the performance of staff and volunteers to mission instead of output. In this one day workshop on November 15, 2017, get the tools and vision to lead staff and volunteers in a way that supports mission and generates excitement and passion. Read More

External Organizational Audit completed in 2016

Every three years the BC Conference Executive hires an independent “auditor” to look at the whole work of BC Conference (not just its finances). The goal is to make sure the work being done is following the purposes and goals of the Conference and is being done in an effective and efficient manner.

In 2016 the well-known church governance “guru”, Dan Hotchkiss, carried out the review. Since receiving his report in November the Conference Executive has been discussing it and exploring ways of following up on its recommendations.

His findings and recommendations can be read here.

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LeaderShift Changes Leadership

The LeaderShift program which has been led by Keith Howard and Treena Duncan has now shifted its own leadership.

Treena is now the Director for LeaderShift. Keith, as he gently enters retirement, lets go of many of his responsibilities but continues to do some part-time contract work on research and social media related to LeaderShift.

Starting January 1 Rhian Walker has been hired half-time to work alongside Treena planning LeaderShift events. She and Treena will also spend the next six months preparing a longer range plan for the future of LeaderShift.

It is widely recognized that the training and support of good leadership is central to helping our church move into the future. BC Conference remains committed to this work even as it, too, changes.

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Toronto Conference announcement regarding their decision on Greta Vosper

Toronto Conference has made an announcement regarding their decision on United Church minister, Greta Vosper. To read it, please go to the Toronto Conference website.

Please read the letter from Moderator Jordan Cantwell, Disagreeing in Love, which is now on the national United Church website, explaining how the church wants to be a “an open and inclusive community that believes in God.”

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Upcoming Event: Online Sermon Study: An Experiment, Oct 13, 2015.

Latest Video: Exploring a New Call to Serve

LeaderShift is a 3-4 year initiative of the British Columbia Conference of The United Church of Canada to provide opportunities for Presbyteries, collections of congregations and leaders to develop customized solutions for rapid societal change. Visit for more information or to register for upcoming LeaderShift events.

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Development of BC Conference Children and Family Ministry Certificate Program

Across British Columbia, ministry with children and families is recognized to be a critical area for the health and development of vital United Church congregations. The challenge is creating a supply of trained people to lead this fundamental area.

In late 2013, Provoking Leadership consulted key practitioners within BC Conference who have demonstrated interest and experience in children and family ministry. With support from Eric Hamlyn and Ingrid Brown, two key recommendations emerged from these consultations.

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Effective Leadership Project

Making the best use of our diverse, leadership resources

The Effective Leadership Project is an initiative of General Council that intends to make best use of our leadership resources. The project is currently being piloted by all Conferences of The United Church of Canada. The premise of this project is to move the more technical aspects of Pastoral Relations work to the Conference from the Presbyteries, to be dealt with by the Conference Personnel staff team.

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Leadership Development

The British Columbia Conference of The United Church of Canada is establishing a Leadership Institute as part of the new Leadership Development Plan.

The Leadership Institute refers to the platform for the coordinated provision of programs, courses, resources and events aimed at building the capacity of effective leadership for churches and their mission in BC Conference.

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Leadership Development Series


The Leadership Series provides opportunities for leaders to gain competency and confidence in their practice of leadership. The series encompasses a number of different initiatives, varying in focus and time commitment. Some will be responsive to locally identified concerns and delivered locally, others will be offered in partnership with Naramata Centre.

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Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders

Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders is a leadership development program about looking with respect into the mysteries of ministry, developing skills and strategies that will help, and finding relationships to sustain us.

When we gather at Naramata Center October 20-25, 2013, and April 27-May 2, 2014, the focus will be on ministry in The United Church of Canada and especially on the British Columbia context.

Click here to view the brochure. For more information, please consult Brenda Wolff.

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