2017 Mission and Service Contributions

The report of Mission and Service Congregational Giving for 2017 is now available. Access the report to find your congregation’s current contribution to Mission and Service. Read More

Loving Our Neighbours

The theme of this year's Called to Be the Church congregational giving program is Loving our Neighbours. And the kit is getting rave reviews from congregations that have seen their givings rise and engagement increase. See how it can work for your church! Read More

The Heart of Mission and Service

Presenting a Pre-Conference Event on May 30, 2018 called “The Heart of M&S”.

We are bringing a youth from El Salvador to share with us what it is like to be a youth leader in a country where warring factions in the community are a fact  of life.  He is the recipient of grants through Mission & Service and would like to share his experience with us.

Also we will hear from David Armour, Director of Philanthropy and President of the United Church of Canada Foundation.  He will be sharing about the future of Mission and Service.  The work of the United Church will blossom and grow.

Please look for your registration when you register for the May/June 2018 BC Conference in Penticton.

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Gifts With Vision

The United Church of Canada developed this giving catalogue Gifts with Vision in response to member requests to be able to give gifts to relatives, friends, and loved ones that are in direct support of the church's Mission & Service partners across Canada and around the world.

If you are seeking inspiring new gift ideas or perhaps would rather not give family and friends the same old clothes/toys/chocolates, Gifts with Vision presents a new way to celebrate special occasions. Give a gift that can help change people's lives!

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Stewardship Toolkit is designed to provide the most effective resources for Stewardship teams within congregations. Check it out today!

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