Who We Are

BC Conference supports the congregations, ministries and presbyteries of The United Church of Canada in BC in a variety of ways.

It focuses on providing services that assist church personnel and maintaining good relationships between congregations and personnel. It also provides staff, finances, advice, advocacy, and program resources to presbyteries and congregations to enhance their work.

BC Conference presently has 16 staff people, seven dispersed throughout BC, eight at the central Burnaby office, and one at the Conference archives at Ryerson United Church.

BC Conference is one of 13 Conferences of The United Church of Canada spread across the country. It serves over 200 congregations organized into 10 presbyteries (regional groupings of congregations). There are also numerous other ministries including camps, social service agencies, housing and care facilities, chaplaincies, hospitals, and educational centres.

BC Conference also supports the work of General Council. Here is a list of the people around the province who are members of committees for General Council.