Youth and Young Adult Ministry Sunday

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Sunday

Fourth Sunday of September:  September 24.2017         
BC Conference – The United Church of Canada

We invite you as communities of Faith to gather for worship on this Sunday or another in 2017, to celebrate and engage with Young People.  If you have youth in your congregation or you don’t, if you are seeking ways to connect and share with them, if you are seeking ways to bring awareness and honor to this ministry, then this service is created for you. 

We encourage you to invite YAYA’s in your midst to share the leadership of this service, have them offer their music and their voices to this service.  Invite their energy, enthusiasm, their deep sense of spirit and of community to help your whole congregation worship in the spirit of YOUTH!  This service was put together by The BC YAYA Leadership Team representing Youth, Young Adults and their Leaders from all across BC Conference.  We invite you to spend one Sunday in 2017 sharing the spirit, message and faith of Youth and Young Adults and being inspired together!

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This service was created by members of the BC YAYA Leadership team, a representational body of leaders and young adults, who set strategy, vision, and build the community of YAYA Ministry around the Conference.  Keri Wehlander, Teri Meyer, Lesley Fairley and Doris Kizinna, contributed specific pieces of writing to this service.  Thanks to Scott Reynolds, Brianna Huet, Tayana Simpson, Michael Gravells, Carol Cox and Maia Walker for their stories and contributions!