BC Conference Stewardship Team

Stewardship Team, 2014We believe in the importance of Stewardship and that stewardship must be fun. 

Our mandate is to promote Stewardship of God’s Gifts and Mission & Service of the United Church. We do this by promoting two-way communication, connecting with Presbyteries and Congregations, and providing educational activities on Stewardship.

This team reports to the Finance Council and consists of the following members:

Jane Harding (chair)
Nellie Tang (staff support)
Jennifer Eastwood (staff support)
Ruth Stebbing (Stewardship Resource Coordinator)
Gary Gaudin
Sue Kellas
Doug Smart
Deb Hinksman
Carole Finch
Lee Mason (not in picture)


  • Money and More Workshops: Covers issues of money, narrative budgeting, roles and responsibilities of Treasurers and Trustees, how to promote good stewardship within a congregation, etc.
  • Education Events: Our first was Holy Currencies with Eric Law during the 2014 BC Conference.
  • M&S Cabaret: A new venture in 2013, we held “Shirley Goodness and Friends”, a successful and entertaining cabaret to raise money for the M&S Fund. The 2014 cabaret will be held October 10, 2014. More details here.
  • M&S Enthusiasts: Rebuilding our network at the congregational level to share helpful and useful information.
  • CN Stewardship Event: Work with Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery to help with their Stewardship event.
  • Tracking of M&S Givings: To help identify trends and celebrate faithful giving on a congregational level.

If you have any questions or wish to contact the team, please contact jharding [at] united-church [dot] ca (subject: Stewardship%20inquiry) (Jane Harding) or r [dot] stebbing [at] telus [dot] net (subject: Stewardship%20inquiry) (Ruth Stebbing)