Conference Calling 3

June 2005


I find it hard to believe how much has happened since my last Conference Calling just one month ago. Before getting into the “real news” of BC Conference, though, I cannot help but begin personally… because I recently returned from a great visit with my son, Andrew, in France where he has been studying all year.

Like most returning travelers and proud parents I would love to share my photo album with you… and I can! And you can control how much you want – or do not want – to see.

So, open your Internet browser and go to:

I like to see the pictures by “sets” so click on the Eiffel Tower on the left entitled “France 2005”, then click on View as Slide Show… or do whatever feels good to you and the Spirit.

OK, enough of that. On to real Conference news……


David Anderson (Lower Mainland Mission Enhancement): Dave has accepted a call to Eagle Ridge United Church effective September 1, 2005. We will miss Dave here among the Conference office staff. In his 3 1/2 years Dave pioneered a new, creative ministry for Conference, helping make the language, images, and vision of a new, revived church commonplace in the Lower Mainland and, indeed, throughout the Conference. Always clear that pastoral ministry was his first and primary call, Dave helped our Conference recognize that congregational ministry is at the centre of our life as a church of Jesus Christ. Dave's work, culminating in the Re:Vive events, will, I am sure, prove to be a major way the Holy Spirit inched her way back into our midst as a church

Keith Howard: Keith is now working part time for the General Council office on a project putting together a national media campaign alongside an initiative of congregational renewal. He will work full time once he finishes at Pilgrim United Church in Victoria at the end of the summer.

Office: Cynthia Smith adds another day to her support work for Treena Duncan (Personnel Minister) while Brenda Wolff, in addition to her Receptionist work, takes over the support work for Nellie Tang (Conference Finance Minister) that Cynthia had previously done.

Contracts: We say farewell and many, many thanks to Gerildine Smith, who has been working with AVEL (audio-visual library) since the beginning of the year; and hello to Jim Ellis, who is on a new, very part time contract to oversee the management of Kwomais Camp until its future is decided.


A summary of evaluations of the General Meeting held last month in Courtney indicate a very high assessment of the Theme Presentations and an almost as high evaluation of Overall Impression. As requested, the evaluations also had a lot of very helpful suggestions for future meetings. While the meeting itself thanked most of those involved before it adjourned, I want to thank the leadership group that provided planning and guidance behind the scenes, the Agenda and Planning Committee: Keith Howard (Chair), Jennifer Cunnings, Foster Freed, Evelyn Gillespie, Doris Kizinna, Nan Koldewijn, Phillip Spencer, Nellie Tang, and Tanis van Drimmelen.


One of the major decisions made at the General Meeting was to affirm the direction the Conference Executive has been pursuing regarding the Camp Future Project but to extend the timeline of the project until November 2006 in order to ensure a great deal of consultation within the church occurs. Those who wish to make a submission about this project now have until the end of December 2005 to do so. Contact the Conference office for more information.


As I write the Audio-Visual Educational Library (AVEL) resources are being packed up and shipped to Winnipeg. All AVEL operations are now being handled by the Winnipeg office. This move allows us to return to service five full days a week while providing some cost savings to BC Conference. Sue Obee, the AVEL Consultant in Winnipeg, is one of the most experienced AVEL workers in our national system. She writes:

“A warm welcome to AVEL West! I am looking forward to serving you as you continue to access AVEL resources. The storage of the collection may be further away but getting AVEL resources is as easy as:

Dialing a phone TOLL FREE: 1.866.870 (AVEL) 2835

Sending an email: avel [at] confmnwo [dot] mb [dot] ca

“One of the services AVEL West offers is assistance in your selections and in your program planning. Lists of videos/DVDs according to theme and the online catalogue at are available. I especially look forward to being in contact with you by phone and/or email. Usage times can be negotiated to allow for the optimal use of the resources we send. Do not hesitate in contacting me with your questions, concerns and suggestions.”


Dave Anderson is a key organizer of the Re:VIVE event at the Vancouver School of Theology on July 25-29. Re:VIVE is dedicated to transforming congregational life through worship. You will find workshops, different worship experiences, music, information and inspiration. Doris Kizinna is involved as well, helping pull together “Awe” worship. 


Over the next two months we shall experience the usual summer disruptions as staff take much-deserved vacations. The office will remain open as usual, however, through the week. Be prepared for delays but feel free to keep in touch. 

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