Conference Executive March 13-15, 2008

BC Conference Executive

March 13-15, 2008
Summary of Actions
The BC Conference Executive met March 13-15, 2008 in the Mountainview Room at the Conference office in Burnaby. What follows is a list of significant actions and decisions of the Executive.
Ends Policies: The Executive adopted an “Ends” Policy that identifies, in a broad way, the work to be achieved by the Conference. The statement reads: “BC Conference Executive supports and oversees Presbyteries, Congregations and Conference ministries within the bounds of BC Conference with available resources.”
Goals were also adopted for the years 2008-2011.
  1. Governance
    1. Strengthen the identity and cohesiveness of the United Church in BC, and the level of confidence and competence in and of its leadership.
    2. Provide sustainable structural and program support to Presbyteries.
    3. Establish a strategic policy and planning function or capacity. 
  2. Operations
    1. Achieve and maintain financial stability and sustainability.
    2. Allocate financial resources to support priority ministry and organizational needs.
    3. Provide institutional oversight to ensure church structures are legal and functional.
  3. Ministry
    1. Provide effective oversight of the standards and placement of new ministry personnel.
    2. Provide a full range of human resource management support and services for ministry personnel and institutions in BC Conference.
    3. Provide professional development programs to enhance priority skills and abilities for effective ministry.
Monitoring of Work: A large part of each Executive meeting is monitoring the work of the Executive Secretary. The Executive heard of recent work in each of the Mission Statement areas, and checked to ensure previously set standards and values are being upheld. In a Policy Governance system the Executive Secretary is accountable to the Executive for all of the work of the Conference office and committees.
Governance Review: The Executive received the Governance Review report mandated by the General Meeting 2006. The Review concluded, “While it is clear from the survey and from the consultation undertaken there are some in the Conference who are not comfortable with the current governance model of the Conference, the Reviewer and the Review Committee did not find that the Conference or its Executive had been unfaithful or ineffective under the current governance model. While it is clear from the survey and the consultation that decisions and processes undertaken by the Conference and its Executive, particularly in the area of the Camp Futures Project, have created controversy it is our conviction that an alternate governance model would not have altered the need to make difficult decisions related to church camps and would not have lessened the ensuing controversy.” The Report was also distributed to the Presbyteries within BC Conference and will be discussed at the General Meeting. The Executive also discussed ways to improve communication within the Conference.
General Council: The Ordered Representative to the General Council Executive from BC, Heather Burton, reported on recent decisions made by the GC Executive. She noted that she is chairing a “Meaning of Ministry” task group looking at the theology and practice of ministry in the United Church. She also reported that plans for the General Council meeting in 2009 in Kamloops are well underway.
Conference Funding: The Executive Secretary reported that he anticipates General Council funding support for BC Conference will not increase and may decrease over the next years due to diminishing national funds for all church work as well as a revision of the way Conferences are being funded. For BC Conference to continue to provide the same level of service in the future as at the present time it must develop alternative sources of funding.
General Meeting 2008: Plans for the General Meeting of BC Conference were heard. The meeting is being held May 22-25, 2008 at Capilano College in North Vancouver. The Executive saw itself as “hosts” of the meeting and discussed ways to enhance conversation between delegates and Executive members at the meeting. They also decided to emphasize the accountability of the Executive to the General Meeting by reporting directly to the meeting.
Election of Commissioners: A process for the election of Commissioners to the General Council was reconsidered. Discussion will be held with presbyteries and others to determine whether it is necessary to elect alternate commissioners from each Presbytery, necessitating the election of at least 16 additional people.
Linking to “Owners”: The Executive decided to discuss the new Ends policy and Goals with the Presbyteries and others within the Conference. It was felt that the emphasis should be on informal and relaxed conversations rather than on bureaucratic process.
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