Inspired to Act

Start Date: 
May 27 2015 - 10:30am - May 28 2015 - 12:00pm

Is charity deterring us from taking political action?

Many passionate, giving people are feeling busy and overwhelmed these days. Time is tight. Activism seems exhausting. We want to give, so we lean on the most common way we know how: through our cheque book. 

But giving to charity doesn't inherently change the system that's causing the issue. What changes the system is our actions. So how can we leverage our other resources - like passion, relationships, empathy, and conversation - to make a difference? And how can we walk and talk the change we want to see in the world without exhausting ourselves? 

This event will help you find the balance.

Kofi Hope, community advocate, will remind you of your original passion for activism. Claire Atwell, community artist, will help you make an impact in a short period of time. And our panel of community activists will speak about their experience acting on one particular issue, child poverty. Read more about the event programming here. And check out a sneak peak of Kofi's motivational speaking style.

Get inspired to act and register today through the General Meeting online registration form.

This event happens immediately before the start of the BC Conference General Meeting 2015. Questions? Contact jeastwood [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca (subject: Inspired%20to%20Act) (Jennifer Eastwood).