Stewardship Toolkit

Stewardship is designed to provide the most effective resources for Stewardship teams within congregations. Check it out today!

The website was introduced at the 2014 BC Conference in Nanaimo with a song performance by the BC Conference Stewardship Team. Original lyrics below!

The Stewardship Journey (sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight")

Verse 1:
In the meeting, the money meeting, the people fell asleep
In the meeting, the painful meeting, the boredom ran so deep

Wee….ooh, Wee ooh wim-o-weh
Wee….ooh, Please find a better way

Verse 2:
In the survey, the lengthy survey, you told us how you feel

Change the format, update the good stuff and give us something real.


Verse 3:
We’re your te-am that really gets it, we’ll show you  what to do
Check the website, the toolkit website, created just for you.


Verse 4:
Life long learning, the world is turning, it’s stewardship made new

People yearning, the fire’s burning, to live in gratitude.


Verse 5:
Have you felt it, as we’ve just sung it, the power of the whole

Don’t just preach it, but go live and teach it, faithfulness the goal.