Jocelyn Pritchard

Jocelyn Pritchard has been a leader in the church music scene since the early 1950s.  She has helped shape what the position “Minister of Music” involves.  Unlike many clergy spouses of her generation, Jocelyn generally did not serve in the same congregation as her husband; she provided music ministry in congregations to which she was called to share her gifts.  In British Columbia, she has served United Church congregations at Trinity (Vernon), Highlands (North Vancouver), Knox (Vancouver), Shaughnessy Heights (Vancouver), and Oakridge (Vancouver).  Her influence is far-reaching:  she has established and conducted choral and chamber groups; developed and coordinated music festivals and summer camps; taught and coached piano and vocal students; adjudicated festivals and served as examiner; and performed on countless occasions, both within and outside the church.  Jocelyn Pritchard has contributed significantly to the musical fabric of western Canada.  Listen to her describe her work, her insights on music in worship, and her thoughts on how the church is evolving.  


Recorded July 14, 2017

Duration:  48:56

Photo description:  Jocelyn Pritchard with interviewer, Julie Lees, July 2017


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