Letter from Jay Olson, BC Conference president


December 20, 2018

On the eve of our winter solstice I am filled with gratitude and hope for you.
What a privilege it has been to be invited to be with you as you both celebrated and grieved through your final, official Presbytery meetings.  I experienced at each of those meetings the gathering of the saints, past and present, holding treasured memories of the decades of transformative expressions of God’s love and justice.  Presbytery Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers, Youth and Young Adults and Children’s workers all, Advocates, Committee Members and all those who carried the work of Presbyteries, I offer you my deep and heartfelt gratitude.  Faithful servants all.
There are many more opportunities ahead as we, in just a few days, step forward into becoming Pacific Mountain Regional Council.  I trust that many of you have already begun the work of exploring clusters and networks.  Please let me know what is emerging in your areas so your stories can be shared across the region.
For today, please stop for a moment and take in the true richness of our history which is God’s faithful presence then and now.  We believe in God.  We trust in God.  We are called to be the Church into the future and, because of God’s faithfulness, we are not alone. Thanks be to God!
Our days will soon begin growing longer again and our work will continue, the work of celebrating, grieving and co-creating.  Please join me in giving thanks for what has been and in nurturing spirits of hopefulness for what is yet to be.
The blessings of the incarnation be with you all,

                                    (Rev.) Jay Olson, President