Candidacy Pathway Forms

Nearly all the forms below are available in two formats: Word documents and online forms (at Online forms are filled in using your browser and submitted by clicking a button. Word files must be saved to your local computer before entering data; when finished, email your form to Brenda Wolff.


Form Number Form Name
(Links to Word File) (Links to an Online Form at
CAB 200 Request for Interview
CAB 202 Assessment of Suitability and Promise (Narrative)
CAB 204 Check-in Interview for OM and DM (Narrative)
CAB 206 Second Interview for Candidates in the Diaconal Stream (prior to Integrating year) 
CAB SME 207(a) Assessment of Readiness Narrative for SME
CAB SME 207(b) School or Program Endorsement Reference of SME 
CAB SME 207(c) Individual Reference RegardingApplication for Supervised Ministry Experience
CAB SME 208 Application for a Pastoral Charge to Approved as a Learning Site SME 
CAB SME 208(a) Application for Recognition as an Educational Supervisor SME 
CAB SME 208(b) Re-Application for Recognition as an Educationals Supervisor SME (previously approved)
CAB SME 208(c) Learning Goals Covenant for SME
CAB 209 Application and Narrative for Ordination and Commissioning 
CAB 209(a) Theological School Recommendation for Ordination and Commissioning
CAB 217 Annual Report from Theological School or Program
CAB SME 225 Evaluation for Supervised Ministry (Student, LST, Supervisor)
CAB 270 Reference Form 
CAB 300 ADM Initial Application and Narrative for Admissions Candidates
CAB 302 ADM Assessment for Readiness for Admission
CAB 304 ADM Confirmation of Completion of Educational Requirement for Admission Candidates (Final Interveiw)
CAB 508 DLM Evaluation of Educational Supervision Designated Lay Ministry (Student, LST, Supervisor)
CAB 509 DLM Application and Narrative to be Recognized as a Designated Lay Minister
CAB 509(a) DLM Theological School Recommendation to be Recognized as a Designated Lay Minster
CAB 517 DLM Annual Report from Education Centre for Designated Lay Ministry




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