Church Musicians

Pastoral Charge “Church Musicians”: Salaries

What’s fair? What’s not?

The General Council and Conference does not set salaries for lay employees within Pastoral Charges. The Pastoral Charge determines the salary based on the provincial employment standards code and their own judgement to what is fair and equitable.

The Royal Canadian College of Organists has a salary schedule that is updated on a yearly basis.

Music United has regional contact people listed who can give further information regarding employment issues and pay scales. This is also good place to post positions during searches.

The Ministry of MusicThe United Church has produced a booklet: Ministry of Music in The United Church of Canada: The Guidelines for Musciains, Congregations, Worship and M&P. This 2004 resource replaces Music, Ministry, and the United Church Musician. It outlines a denominational approach to church music leadership in the United Church. The cost is $9.95