Ministry and Personnel Committees

We live in a culture where many “employer/employee” models are practiced in the work place.

However, the Church strives to model employment relationships, which reflect an underlying assumption that “we are in Ministry together.”

Some Facts about M&P Committees

  • Every congregation is required by the manual to have an M&P Committee.
  • The committee makes recommendations to council (or equivalent body), who has the power to act.
  • The M&P Committee has numerous resources available to assist in the work of the committee.
  • The M&P Committee is a confidential consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship.

Who’s on an M&P committee

  • 3 to 7 members
  • Offer representation of all aspects of the congregation
  • Not those who hold other offices in church, e.g. Board Chair.
  • Not ministry personnel, staff, or their family members
  • Not any in personal conflict with staff


  • Meetings should occur regularly; at minimum every three months
  • Personnel should be invited to meet with the committee periodically


  • Consultation and support
  • Review work and remuneration
  • Oversee relationship staff/congregation
  • Consult about continuing education
  • Review “effectiveness” re: mission
  • Liaison with PRC of Presbytery

Handbook for Committee Members