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The Effective Leadership Project is an initiative of General Council that intends to make best use of our leadership resources. The project is currently being piloted by all Conferences of The United Church of Canada. The premise of this project is to move the more technical aspects of Pastoral Relations work to the Conference from the Presbyteries, to be dealt with by the Conference Personnel staff team.

The hope is that by doing this, the presbytery is free to focus on working with Congregations to enliven their Mission and Ministries, and to develop collegial support networks with and for Paid Accountable Ministry Personnel. BC Conference’s Mission Statement is: Healthy Congregations and Ministries, Effective Leadership, Faithful Public Witness.

This project directly supports Effective Leadership, and Healthy Congregations and Ministries.

This webpage will detail what the Effective Leadership Project looks in BC Conference.

The documents and resources posted here will be updated regularly, so please check for updates.


This is the letter that was sent to all Presbyteries in BC Conference in May 2014; it updates on the progress and implementation of the Effective Leadership Project.

This is the letter that was sent to all Presbyteries in BC Conference in January 2014; it explains the upcoming changes and outlines future changes.

This is the presentation that explains the Effective Leadership Project; it summarizes the implementation of the new policies and processes.


Ministry Profile and Search Resources

BC Conference Ministry Profile and Search Handbook

BC Conference Ministry Profile and Search Handbook for the Completion of Interim Ministry

(to be used at the end of an Interim Ministry)

BC Conference Ministry Profile and Search Resource Package

BC Conference Ministry Profile and Search Resource Package by Section

Congregational Designated Ministry Handbook 


Ministry Profile and Search Report

Ministry Profile and Search Report Template  (having trouble opening it?)


Record of Vacancy PMR-UCC 403 (Online Version)


Pastoral Relations Forms

Record of Call / Settlement / Appointment BC 450 (PDF)
Request a Change in Pastoral Relations BC 452


Pulpit Supply

Pacific Mountain Region is creating a list of people available for Pulpit Supply. It is open to people who are ordained, diaconal, designated lay ministers (recognized), candidates, or licensed lay worship leaders. If you would like to be on the Pulpit Supply list, please fill out this form.

Communities of Faith looking for someone for Pulpit Supply can email Brenda Wolff.


BC Conference Covenanting Service Template

Because Presbyteries no longer have responsibility for the oversight and discipline of ministry personnel, the nature of covenanting services for ministry personnel starting at a new pastoral charge has shifted. This template can be used as a sample for the changes in the language of the covenanting service. This version is based off of contributions from Westminster Presbytery and Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery.


Mandatory Racial Justice and Boundaries Training

Racial Justice and Boundaries training has been named as mandatory for all ministry personnel by General Council. Under the Effective Leadership Project, BC Conference has been granted the authority of oversight over this policy. Learn how BC Conference ensures that all ministry personnel under its oversight comply with this requirement, and how to determine on an individual basis after due process when the requirement has not been met.


Rationale for why changes are being made

Refer to the Record of Proceedings from General Council 41.



For more information, please contact your local Conference Minister, or Treena Duncan, Conference Personnel Minister.

Resources for Pastoral Charges not in the Ministry Profile and Search Process

Ministry and Mission Profile (for review of priorities and goal-setting)
*note: you will have to copy and paste from this .pdf into a new document

Ministry Position Description (for reviewing or changing expectations of Ministry Personnel)
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