Naramata Centre celebrates 70th anniversary

Open to people of all ages, Naramata Centre is an inclusive, welcoming place to connect and deepen in mind, body and spirit. Situated on 23 acres of land on the east shore of Lake Okanagan, the Centre provides a peaceful oasis for children, teens, adults, families and elders to play, relax and grow in spirit.

Naramata Centre is celebrating an important and impressive milestone this year as we mark its 70th year serving United Church families and others seeking spiritual nurture. The Centre was officially opened as a United Church education and retreat centre in 1948. Since then it has provided a space for spiritual retreat and reflection, where people can be authentically themselves, supported in community.

Generations of families cherish fond memories of their time at Naramata Centre. Thousands of young people have been inspired by their experiences and have gone on to serve in leadership roles in their churches and their communities. The Centre’s culture and values have guided staff and volunteers for seven decades. If you served on staff, as summer staff, participated in winter session, or came with your family during the summer, join us as we mark the 70 wonderful years that Naramata Centre has been changing lives for the better! Participate in our AGM weekend, June 22-24, or in summer weeks where weekly anniversary activities will celebrate our 70 years.

 After a brief closure several years ago, the Centre re-opened in 2016, now welcoming people for programs in the spring, summer and fall and for up-to-30-day personal retreats in the winter. The Centre offers a wide variety of programs in music, the arts, health and well-being, nature, leadership, social justice, and spiritual nurture. Check out our 2018 programs here and register today!

As the United Church explores what it means to be the church in today’s world, Naramata Centre offers sacred space to explore and practice, share stories, enjoy and learn from each other, care for one another and the land – to be church – without naming or defining it.

We believe our theological statement is foundational to why people come to the Centre:

We acknowledge and affirm our roots and connection to the United Church of Canada.
Our Christian story gives us language and metaphor to share our stories, and is one path to deeper relationship with ourselves, one another and God.
We encourage conversations and experiences that challenge us to explore questions about our beliefs and how we live in the world.
We value diverse spiritual expression that nurtures all people: those who are trusting, doubting, seeking and knowing.

Naramata Centre draws and inspires people from many paths and walks of life, as a place for learning, sharing, contemplation, personal growth and spiritual renewal.

Our goal is to provide a safe, accepting, sacred space, where everyone can explore and practice how to live in a spirit-filled community. The power of the Centre is that, both now and historically, we draw those deeply involved in the church, those who have left formal congregational life but are seeking other ways to engage with their faith and those have no history with the church but seek a spiritual connection. Whether engaged or seeking, we welcome all to Naramata Centre.

The Centre navigates the waters between people of the church who cherish the Christian story, and people on a spiritual journey who tell us they want less formal religion. We endeavour to serve both in our programming and community life and invite both groups to actively participate. For those who are not ready to jump into a fully spirit-driven program, we provide the space to safely explore who they are and want to become in today’s world.

Our goal is that people will be inspired and transformed by their experience of community at the Centre – inspired to go home and create that sense of community where they live, and to go forward and work for the collective good.

The essence of Naramata Centre is difficult to capture in words. It is a place where being present and connecting to oneself, others, nature and the Sacred become easier. Come stay at the Centre to experience what it offers. Enjoy a program or retreat. Walk our labyrinth and join others in Sacred Pause or meditate in our Chapel. Do yoga or play on our beach. Jump into the lake. Snooze or contemplate or read in the shade under our canopy of trees. Sink into community and laugh or sing. Explore Naramata village and Naramata Bench restaurants and vineyards.

This is your Centre – all are welcome here. Come and discover what the Centre has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!