President Update re: Denominational Executive Nominations

April 9, 2018

Dear friends,

Among all the shifts we are experiencing currently, one that might not have caught your attention yet is related to the governance of The United Church of Canada: a change in how many people will serve on the Denominational Council Executive (DCE).

At the recall (electronic) meeting of the 42nd General Council in fall 2017, the Nominations Committee of General Council was empowered to seek nominations to fill positions on the new DCE. It is to be an 18-member board, with the General Secretary, current Moderator, and immediate past Moderator serving ex-officio, and one member to be named by the Aboriginal Ministries Council.

So that means there are 14 available spots (and 16 Regions – we can all do that math!). Thus, the nomination process will be quite different from our past practice of electing one lay and one ministry personnel GCE rep, and not unlike the way we in BC carry out our discernment to create a slate of folks to elect as General Council Commissioners. This is a significant culture-shift in our church: we have been accustomed to think of our leaders on the GCE as “representing” the interests of our Conference, even though our formal language belies that. Now we are being asked to offer up leaders based on their gifts and experience, and see the DCE as a whole as a group of governors serving the whole life of the church, without even an informal regionally representational role.

Here’s what we’ve been asked for by the GC Nominations Committee: 3-5 names of folks who are willing to be nominated as members of the Denominational Council Executive.

Here’s how we’ve agreed to approach that process in BC: names will come forward from you, our membership in communities of faith and Presbyteries. All submissions will be reviewed by Past President Keith Simmonds, myself, and President-Elect Jay Olson. From those names, requested “slate” of 3-5 names will be brought to the Conference General Meeting for affirmation by the membership before it is sent on to the GC Nominations Committee for their process of discernment.

We are looking for folks who have spiritual gifts of vision, leadership, discernment, wisdom, administration, and deep faithfulness in God and what God is doing in our church. The capacity to hold a big-picture view while also remaining dedicated to the realities faced by our communities of faith (our primary mission units) along with governance expertise, human resources experience, and pensions or finance expertise will be vitally important to have at the DCE table.

The precise terms of reference are posted below, and will also be sent to each Presbytery secretary this week, for circulation among our communities of faith. We are asking folks to actively discern who among us have the desired gifts, and to encourage nominations.

Our deadline for nominations submissions is May 15, 2018.

Please submit your nomination by filling out the form at the following link:

 We are asking that you consider deeply and prayerfully who among us has the gifts and ability to serve the church in this way at this time.

Peace be with you all,

(Rev.) Cari Copeman-Haynes, President

This letter is available here as a pdf. Read the Denominational Executive terms of reference.