Congregational Learning Fund

What is the Fund?

The Congregational Learning Fund for Leaders exists to support leadership development events (courses and workshops) for lay leaders and ministry personnel. These events will focus on the goals of the British Columbia Conference of healthy congregations and ministries, effective leadership and faithful public witness. Events that meet the established criteria are eligible for grants.

Fund Information

The Congregational Learning Fund is transferred from the General Council Office and Pacific Mountain Region has limited money to disperse from this account. The maximum total per person per year is $400. If 4 or more participants applying for funds are from the same congregation, the maximum allowable grant is $1,600”.

Application Deadline

The 5th of each month (with the exception of July, August and December).

To Receive Your Money

If your application has been approved, upon the completion of your event, you will be required to submit a report to the Grants committee including details of the financials of the event. When it is shown that your event used the full amount of the grant, your monies will be released.

Who Can Apply?

Lay leaders and ministry personnel in Pacific Mountain Region can apply for leadership development events (courses and workshops) that focus on the goals of Pacific Mountain Region. A signature is required from M&P Committee (for ministry personnel), or Session or equivalent (for lay leaders) or employing unit, staffing committee or supervisor (for Conference Staff).

Application Form

Sample Evaluations from Congregational Learning Fund

The main goal of this conference was to gather Muslim and Christian young adults between the ages of 20 and 28 to learn more about dialogue, peace building and conflict resolution. Participants from across the globe stayed in the same hotel for the duration of the conference which allowed for casual conversations and community building taking place over meals, beside the pool, and just spending time together in the lounge. Through our common belief in God and openness to hear more about the lives of each other we were able to gain a great understanding about the lives of those who live in other parts of the world, and how global situations affect our lives.

Attending this event was an incredible experience! I have been blessed by this experience in so many ways. It has been a month since I returned and I am still processing all that I witnessed, lived and learned. I am beginning to realize that I will find new meaning everyday as I integrate my memories.

My work (secular and in the church) has challenged me throughout my life to acknowledge stereotypes that I have and break those down by getting to know people as individuals and find out who they really are. While I was traveling and participating in workshops I was faced with stereotypes I didn’t know I had.