ProVision Fund

ProVision Funds provide monies to be used in projects throughout the Conference.

Presbyteries that have their own ProVision Funds are listed below. Click these links to access forms for those funds.

A Conference ProVision Fund is available to those in Presbyteries that do not have their own ProVision Fund: Cariboo, Kamloops-Okanagan, Kootenay, Prince Rupert, and Vancouver South. Over the course of each year effort will be made to distribute grants fairly throughout the five presbyteries.

The Conference ProVision Fund replaces the Conference’s “Van Dusen Fund” as a source for grants to local projects.

Grants will be given for projects with one or more of the following purposes:

  • Research and analysis of present local (BC)church life in society.
  • The fostering or creation of vibrant new forms of ministry.
  • Training and/or support of church leadership.
  • The promotion of multicultural and intergenerational ministries.
  • The development and establishment of community-based ministries (possibly partnering with other agencies).