Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders

October 21 – 26, 2018

Leading in a Time of Turbulence is a retreat-based leadership program designed to provide a deep dive into the personal, spiritual and professional skills needed for ministry in our time. It takes seriously that leadership is a collective skill, and that good leaders build networks that allow them to mentor and support others, providing a place for them to be vulnerable and transparent.

This multi-day program helps you build a community of colleagues where you can: add new skills
to your tool kit for leading in this complex time, invite a searching and fearless inventory of your call, transform yourself and others through story, and build a foundation of practice and accountability for your ministry.

Led by Rev Peter Short, former Moderator of the United Church of Canada and known for his work on spiritual retreats across the country, Peter brings a unique gift of helping you tap into the core of your call so you can reinvigorate your ministry.

The two part training runs October 21–26, 2018 and May 5–10, 2019 at Spirit Ridge in Osoyoos, BC.

Tuition, meals and shared accommodation for all phases: $1900.00. This can be paid in installments.

You must apply here to register. Please contact Brenda Wolff if you have any questions.