Thank you: An inaugural blog post

June 23, 2015
Keith Simmonds

I would like to begin by saying thanks.
Thank you to my predecessor, Karen Medland, for so ably and capably filling the role of President of BC Conference. 
Thank you to my successor, Cari Copeman-Haynes, for being willing to take up the position in two years, bringing years of experience and ability to her role as President Elect. 

Thank you to the staff of BC Conference who work tirelessly and sometimes thanklessly on behalf of their church, their communities and their ministries. So many willing and able people doing so much for all of us. 
I would like to thank those who also ran for this office, at our recent meeting in Whistler and our meeting last year in Vancouver. The quality of the candidates and their willingness to serve as President speaks well for the future of our church.
I am also very grateful to everyone who’s taken the time to offer me their congratulations (or commiseration) as I assume the office of President of BC Conference for the next two years. Your support and good wishes mean a great deal. I am constantly reminded that we are on this journey together, that no one walks alone, and that I am accompanied by many. Thank you all.
I would be remiss if I did not also thank my partner, Laurel Walton, and our son, Liam Simmonds, for supporting me in this initiative. Without their willing participation, taking on a role like this would be impossible. The folk I serve and serve with at Duncan United Church have given me their support and blessing as well, and deserve my gratitude too. 
Finally, thanks to all of you. Thank you for being a part of a fairly young and sometimes brash community of faith known as the United Church of Canada. Thank you for your acceptance of Christ’s call to put love at the centre of everything we do. Thank you for the variety of ways you respond and express your response. 
From small churches with vital congregations that retain heart and Spirit in rural communities, to larger churches that retain heart and Spirit in urban centres struggling to find right relationship and centred Spirituality, the active, lived, grace-filled Word of the Loving One continues to find relevance and meaning. 
From you, through you and in you. 
Thank you!