Update from the President of BC Conference following the announcement of Region Executive Ministers

Dear friends in Congregations and Communities of Faith across BC, stretching into the mountains to Banff, and reaching north to Whitehorse,

No doubt you have seen the public announcement by the General Secretary, late last week, of the new provisional Region Executive Ministers (REMs). In that letter from the General Council Office, six people are identified as the new REMs, with the Rev. Doug Goodwin named as REM for Regions 1 and 3 (until June 30, 2019).

Having seen the principles that were guiding the work of the Task Force created late last month, you may be a bit confused on two points: the fact that Regions 1 and 3 are sharing a REM, and the shortness of Doug’s term.

Let me address the second point first: both the Conference Executive, and the Task Force, were clear on our preference to keep Doug in the role for as long as he would agree to serve. The date of June 30, 2019 represents Doug’s own declaration to seek a change. It became clear to him in the process that while he did not want a permanent job working for two Regions, he could, with integrity and energy, serve in an “interim” role for both Regions until that date.

So while “best” might have been to have Doug stay for the recommended 5 year commitment the General Secretary was seeking, and “better” would have been to retain him for a longer transition time, we find ourselves grateful for “good,” in which we maintain a healthy relationship during a time of change with a long-serving and visionary leader who has done exceptional work in our midst. We then have the process of an open search for Doug’s successor to look forward to.

Regarding the cooperation between Regions 1 and 3 in sharing our REM: in the current negotiation with the General Secretary, there was no “opting out” of the cooperative model in order to maintain a single accountability with our own REM in Region 1. It is still a strong commitment of the Conference Executive, as we move forward, that the accountability of our REM be as clear as possible. We will carry this conversation forward with the General Secretary into the open search for Doug’s successor.

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