Update letter from President of BC Conference, following the final report of the Boundaries Commission

Update from the President of BC Conference

Following the Final Report of the Boundaries Commission

Dear friends in Congregations and Communities of Faith across BC, stretching into the mountains to Banff, and reaching north to Whitehorse,

What an interesting time to be part of the Body of Christ. We are being asked to be flexible, thoughtful, grounded in our faith tradition, and courageous in our walk together, following Jesus.

Now that we know what territory the proposed Region 1 will gather into one body, we can begin to make some headway on the other questions that still remain, and begin to plan for the transition from life as Presbyteries and Conferences, to our new life together as a yet-to-be-named Region 1. To that end, let’s remember from the outset that Region 1 is not just a “reconstituted BC Conference with Whitehorse and Banff appended” but that we are being invited to welcome one another with the welcome of Christ, into a new structure and way of being in ministry together.

The Conference Executive has had a few extra (electronically hosted) meetings this spring. Two of them were in service of responding to the first report of the Boundaries Commission, and you already know the fruits of that work. The last meeting was just last Thursday, March 1, two weeks before our regularly scheduled in-person meeting.

The primary purpose was to move some of our routine business along electronically, so that we can maximize the time we have together to be good governors of the mission and ministry of this part of the church in our current shifting context.

The Executive also approved a piece of work regarding the process for provisional appointments of Region Executive Ministers (REMs). This was in response to a letter from the General Secretary, General Council to all our Presbytery Chairs, as well as Jay Olson (President-Elect) and myself.

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