Youth and Young Adults (YAYA)

For the last 35 years there has been ministry provided to Youth and Young Adults (YAYA), and their Leaders in the Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada.

There have been a long line of conferences, retreats, gatherings, and opportunities for leadership development.

The Pacific Mountain Region YAYA Leadership team, with representation from across the Conference, meets three times a year to set vision, think strategically and to plan wider church events.

We invite anyone with a heart for ministry with Youth and Young Adults to any of our gatherings and events.

From our strategic vision:

In the face of uncertainty, we affirm and work toward these Ends/Goals:

  1. All youth and young adults in the Pacific Mountain Region will have access to high quality age specific ministry.
  2. Youth, young Adults and their leaders gather in safe sacred communities.
  3. Faithful accompaniment of youth, young adults, and their leaders through times of change.
  4. Youth and young adults lead the church through times of change with passion and compassion.
  5. Youth, Young Adults, and their leaders are equipped to respond with courage to the needs in the world.